Hot tub Water Temperature Settings

Setting your spa’s temperature is up to your comfort and preference, but there are a few considerations to take for health, seasons, and energy efficiency that can help you choose a temperature for your Hot tub.

Your Hot Tubs Maximum Temperature:
All spas are designed to not surpass a maximum temperature of 104°F, but very few people choose to set their spa temperature this high. The consumer product safety administration recommends that healthy adults set the water temperature at 100°F for safe enjoyment. Comfort preferences vary by user, but the majority of spa users choose a temperature around 100-102°F.

Winter Temperatures:
During the winter months, some users set their water temperature one or two degrees higher than their normal preference. Water will cool faster when the spa is being used in cold weather whenever the cover is off, so the warmer setting can help offset that.

  • If you have not winterized your spa and won’t be using your hot tub for extended periods during the coldest months, the very lowest you should set your hot tub temperature is 80° F. This will prevent your hot tub from freezing.

Warm Days:
You can also use your hot tub to cool down during the summer. Just lower the temperature to 95 degrees. Because the temperature will be lower than your body temperature, it’ll feel refreshing on hot days. For an especially refreshing soak, lower your water temperature all the way down to 85 degrees to transform your spa into a cool plunge tub.

Hot tub Yoga and Stretching:
If you’re using your spa for physical activities like hot tub yoga and stretching, a lower temperature — around 96°F — is ideal. People generate internal heat with body movements, so your own heat will compensate for the reduced water temperature. For a hot tub Yoga Routine Click here.

Safe Temperature for Children:
Children’s smaller bodies are more sensitive to heat. They should never fully submerge in the water and should only soak if they are tall enough to have their heads completely out of the water when their feet touch the bottom. If children will be using the hot tub, lower the spa temperature to 98° or lower, and don’t let kids soak for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. During the breaks between soaks, make sure children drink plenty of water to cool down and rehydrate. For more Information on kids safety click here!

Other health questions:
If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart conditions, circulatory problems or are taking medications, talk to your physician about whether you are able to safely use a hot tub.

Keep your water temperature consistent
Some mistakenly believe that they’ll save energy if they lower their spa temperature when they get out after a soak and raise it back up when they plan to use the spa again. Raising temperature before use saves little to no energy. In fact, your spa is designed to maintain constant temperature, not shift temperature quickly. Maintaining a constant temperature for your hot tub prevents stress on heater and circuit board and ensures your spa is at the perfect temperature when you are ready to use it. *Only lower the temperature if you’re not going to be using your spa for an extended period of time, like if you’re going out of town.

There you have it, a clear guide to water temperature settings for every season, activity and age group for your hot tub. Happy soaking this year and for many years to come as American spas are built of 100% acrylic and are built to last in the United Stated of America.

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