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1 Crazy Effective Way to Get You Sleeping like a Baby

How to Activate a Deep Sleep Cycle

If you’re struggling to fall asleep at night know that you’re certainly not alone. 
According to the National Institutes of Health, 30% of the general population struggle with poor sleeping habits.

And according to Science Daily, these numbers are getting worse with 1 in 4 Americans developing insomnia every year! 

Now if you’re reading this article then I’d take a wild guess and assume you’ve already:

  • Read ALL the common sleeping advice
  • Spent some of your nights sipping chamomile tea 
  • And creating a “no technology in the bed” rule 

But even then, none of these methods really seemed to help.

So before we get to the juicier parts of this article, let’s make sure you know how many hours of sleep you should be getting each night according to your age. 


AgeHours of sleep
4–12 months12–16, including naps
1–2 years11–14, including naps
3–5 years10–13, including naps
6–12 years9–12
13–18 years8–10
18–60 years7 or more
Credit to Medical News Today
1 Crazy Effective Way to Improve your Sleeping Schedule

Now there are several factors to also consider when trying to determine the root of your poor sleeping schedule. 

One of the biggest factors happens to include the quality of sleep you’re getting at night.

Here’s a big shocker! Most people don’t know that even lots of low quality sleep can leave you feeling groggy and tired in the morning.

So what’s considered low-quality sleep

  1. Constantly tossing and turning through out the night
  2. Difficulty breathing
  3. Your sleeping environment is too cold, hot or noisy
  4. An uncomfortably stiff or uncomfortable bed

If you’re experiencing one or more of the following then identify the problem and adjust accordingly. 

For instance, if you’re having difficulties breathing check in with your doctor. 

If you’re waking up in a pool of sweat:

  1. Try turning on your ceiling fan
  2. Turning on the A/C 
  3. Or getting a room fan. 

If you’re too cold:

  1. Try going to sleep with socks on to help improve circulation. This will help you fall asleep faster.
  2. Try turning on the heat.
  3. Or double up on the covers with a flannel quilt or sheet.
Effective Methods for People with Insomnia

But the TRUE key to sleeping like a baby is to prepare your mind and body by adjusting bodily function like your body temperature. So here’s one UNCOMMON TIP:

  1. TWO HOURS before you go to bed turn on your hot tub or run a hot bath.
  2. Once you’re soaking, you should adjust your water’s temperature with our American Spa control panel
  3. You can adjust the setting using your smartphone or by using our stunning feather touch American Spa LED panel display to adjust the control panel. 
  4. Be careful not to set the temperature too high. The water temperature should be warm enough to just slightly elevate your body temperature. 
  5. Once your hot tub or bath is ready, you’ll want to soak in your hot tub or bath for a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour.
  6. You’ll be sitting in one position for quite some time so be sure to use a pillow to prop up your neck at a comfortable angle. 
  7. Here’s the key, once you’re finished step out of your bath or hot tub and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Now that your body’s temperature is slightly elevated the steeper your body temperature will drop at bedtime, which should put you in a deep sleep to stay asleep throughout the ENTIRE night.

We’d love to hear from you. Comment below whether this method works for you!

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