Hydro Yoga Routine

The Benefits Hydrotherapy & Yoga Combined

Your life might be busy and full, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. A wellness practice that can soften the edges around hard days and bridge the gaps in your mind-body presence is Hydro Yoga. Yoga as a physical practice leads to greater flexibility, strength, and balance. Hydrotherapy has been shown to help with chronic pain, fatigue and muscle stiffness. Together they improve stress, tension and they aid in centering the mind and body.

Once you have your mind settled and relaxed it is time to begin. Considering you are in a hot tub full of water it is best to do Vinyasa Yoga because you want to flow into each yoga position and keep your breath synchronized with each pose. While in a spa, you have to be creative with the way you are positioning yourself, and being aware of the seating within the spa. Approach your hot tub yoga practice with gentle movements and awareness, avoiding any positions of pain or discomfort. You might even want to practice the following poses in still water first. Then, when you feel comfortable, add the challenge and stimulation of the spa jets. Our goal is to kindly stretch muscles, release toxins, and decompress your mind body and spirit.

Please Watch our Informational Video for Examples and read Below for Instruction and Illustrations. 









Stretches Thorax and Shoulder:

Find a place in the spa where you can sit down and straighten your legs. Keep your back straight your head aligned with your shoulders and hips. Flex both your feet and keep arms straight and palms flat on a surface. Inhale and lengthen your spine. Take 5 deep breaths with legs straight. While you are in this pose, feel free to stretch your ankles, move your toes, and release the energy in your feet. If you want to advance this stretch, lean forward and double your breaths.


Baddha Konasana










Stretches Thigh, Knee, Inguinal Region

With your legs straight in front of you, now you want to exhale, bend your knees, and pull your heels toward your pelvis, then drop your knees out to the sides and bring your feet together so the bottom of your feet is touching each other. If this stretch is painful, you can adjust by added a spa booster seat under you (find it at quickspaparts.com #ACC01400483) to raise your hips so your knees can open more.













Stretches Thigh, Knee, Ankle
Starting from a standing position in the middle of your spa, stand with hip width apart. Spread your fingers and your toes and distribute your weight evenly. As you inhale squeeze your muscles together and lift your and torso muscles up. When you exhale, release all your muscles and let your shoulders drop and extend your fingers and toes.













Vertebral column, Thigh, Calf, Ankle

From standing position, keep your knees together and slightly bend. Sink your weight back into the heels. Lengthen your tailbone and tilt your pelvis down and back. Keep your spine long and don’t let your stomach hang out. Left your chest and draw your shoulder blades towards the middle of the back. Push palms together and reach for the moon!


Malasana Squat









Inguinal region, Ankle, Back torso

To take this one step further, you can flow into a squat onto one of the bench seats of the spa by placing your feet flat on the bench seat, extend lower back and draw shoulder blades toward one another. Press your elbows into knees to open the hips. Keep your hands in prayer and your chest open. Don’t forget to smile.


Virabhadrasana I











Stretches Thorax, Lung, Navel, Thigh, Inguinal region, Calf, Ankle, Neck, Shoulder
Step your right foot forward and bend the knee into your right hand. Your left leg will be straight with your foot facing out. Bring both hands up, opening your chest and reach for the stars! Check your alignment on your hips and keep them facing forward. After taking a few breaths, switch sides.


Virabhadrasana II










Thorax, Lung, Inguinal region, Ankle, Shoulder, Leg

To transition into Warrior 2 you want to start with your right foot out at a 90 degree angle in front of you. Open your hips to the left side along with aligning your torso to the left. Reach out your right arm toward the front of the mat and your left arm toward the back of the mat with palms facing down. Keep both arms parallel to the floor and keep shoulders back. As you breath in straighten your front leg and as you breath out bend it back to 90-degree angle. As you bend your knee imagine reaching for something you want and achieving your goals. Repeat switching sides.


Taking your time practicing hot tub yoga exercises will allow you to be more mindful of the experience. Some of these exercises may stretch you beyond your comfort zone, but allow the warm spa water to support the process of expansion. You’ll see the best results with daily practice, especially if you merge hot tub yoga with your regular wellness and exercise routine. Soon, as you begin to feel more flexible, energetic, and at peace, you’ll discover how an immersive spa experience each day can open new possibilities in your life.



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