American Spas Kids Safety Guide

At-home Spa safety involves establishing a secure environment around the tub, keeping your water clean, and practicing good habits for optimal health and hygiene. By following these straightforward hot tub safety tips, you’ll enjoy peace of mind while your family experiences all the benefits of your home spa.

Here is a simple breakdown

  1. NO infants allowed. A baby’s thin skin makes it more susceptible to overheating.
  2. No Children without Adults. Treat the spa like a pool. Make it a house rule that children never go in the hot tub without adult supervision.
  3. Always swim with a buddy. Children should understand that they are never allowed to swim alone.
  4. Lock It Up. Our American Spas Come with Locks and Keys to hold down the cover and for your families safety. Remember to lock the cover every time you get out of the hot tub.
  5. Get in the tub with small children. Smaller children are more likely to get in the hot tub when the bubbles are off.Turn jets on with most of the air dialed back if the child feels uncomfortable. Note that small children may not weigh enough to hold themselves steady in front of the jets. A strong air and water flow may throw them off-balance so hold them until they can manage.
  6. Introduce small children to the water gradually. Let smaller children work their way into the hot tub at their own pace.  First a toe, then a foot. For that initial dip, turn the temperature down below 100 degrees to get them accustomed to the water.
  7. Tween/Teen Party on the calendar? Planning a spa party with your tweens/teens? Explain that horseplay, diving and splashing water out of the tub are “OUT”.  Keep a close eye on the action.  I-phones and other electronics do not belong in the tub unless they’ve part of the tub’s entertainment system and waterproof.
  8. Explain the rules ahead of time and enforce them as needed. Tell them that accessories are not play toys-i.e. the cover is not a trampoline!
  9. Watch for red faces! When kids look too hot, encourage them to get out of the hot tub or sit on the edge and dip their feet instead. Have them stay out until they’ve cooled down.
  10. Help them stay hydrated by having water and juice nearby. Don’t forget the food-no matter old your kids are, they’ll probably be hungry after hot tubing. And, serve the food after the dip. You don’t want a mess on your hands from spilled snacks in the water.
  11. No bubbles in the Spa please. Never allow kids to add anything to the tub without your permission. We’re talking bubble bath and soap here.
  12. Lock up the chemicals. Keep all spa chemicals locked up and out of reach.
  13. Get inspected. Have your spa inspected for electrical hazards, and upgrade all systems according to local codes and the National Electrical Code.

Responsible Adult Supervision is Key to Child Spa Safety. There should always be an adult designated to maintain constant visual contact with children whenever they are near, or could get near, any body of water.  – Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

Spas can be fun for the whole family, but those with small kids often put off the purchase because of safety concerns. However, with a few simple, proactive steps, any risk posed by the hot tub can be managed, making it safe for the whole family. If you’ve found this article informative, be sure to share it with your family and friends, and let them know that American Spas is the trusted source for safe and enjoyable spas.

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