4 Morning ROUTINES That Will TRANSFORM Your Life

Mornings can be challenging. From waking up late, skipping breakfast, or waking up late, it seems like this time of day is stressful.

And while rushing to get ready may seem like the norm, it’s not an ideal way to start your day.

Instead, try these 4 morning routines that can transform your life in positive ways.

1) Make Your Bed

Believe it or not, making your bed is very challenging. A study conducted by Hunch.com reported that 59 percent of people don’t make their beds in the morning.

In addition, the study reported that those who do not make their beds tend to be unhappy with themselves and their lifestyles. This is different from those who make their beds, in which those who make their beds tend to be happier with themselves and their lifestyle. When you start your day off with order, the rest of the day seems to fall in line.

2) Meditating

Meditating can be a great way to making your morning and day better. It can reduce stress, enhance empathy, and promote emotional health and well being . Try meditating for 10 minutes in a calm and relaxing environment and feel more calm.

3) Journaling

Journaling allows you to do multiple things. But the most important is that it allows you to set your intentions for the day. You can journal about the things you’re grateful for, your goals, and what happened in your day. Journal every morning and notice the difference in your mood and outlook on life.

4) Eat Breakfast

A study published by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that people who skip breakfast and eat a late dinner have much worse health outcomes after surviving a heart attack.

In fact, people who did both of these (common) eating habits were four to five times more likely to die, have another heart attack or suffer chest pain within 30 days after leaving the hospital.

That’s why eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try eating some fruit, oat meal packets, or muffins in the morning to get your day started!

Give these 4 morning routines a try today!

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