Spa Maintenance is Easier than you Think

Basic Maintenance Schedule 

Truth is preventive and practical maintenance is the first step to true Spa & hot tub happiness. There are several regular tasks necessary to maintain your Spa. While each one is relatively easy and doesn’t require a lot of time, it’s important to perform these tasks on schedule. Our spas are designed to be easy to maintain, by setting up a simple schedule for your spa’s maintenance, you will be able to ensure that your spa is sanitized and running properly. We’ve outlined an example spa maintenance schedule below, but yours could vary depending on the amount you use your spa.


Check your Spa Daily

  • Check your spa and cover for damage: Make a habit of giving your spa a quick check each day. Ensure the spa cover is clean and secure. A properly secured cover keeps heat, water, and chemicals in, while keeping debris, pets, and kids out.
  • Before Each Use check the water quality. That means using the appropriate testing strips to measure alkalinity and pH levels. If the results of these tests are off, balance the chemicals before using the tub.

Weekly Checks

  • Each week remove the spa filter and clean it thoroughly. All this involves is removing the filter, lightly spraying it with a hose, and allowing it to dry completely before putting it back in the spa.
  • When the hot tub is filled with water, you need to keep the waterline and seats clear of scum and debris. This will occur more if your hot tub is outside. Indoor hot tubs will experience waterline scum, too.
  • After Each Use add sanitizer following every use to combat the growth of bacteria and algae. This Ensures the water is safe for the next use.

Monthly Maintenance

  • One of the best ways to protect your spa is by keeping it covered when it isn’t in use. Part of ongoing hot tub maintenance includes cleaning and conditioning the cover. Why? Because damage from UV rays can lead to drying and cracking which interfere with the proper fit and protective ability of your cover. Clean both the top and underneath of the cover.
  • Give your filter a chemical rinse. This deeper clean clears out more crud and ick than water alone can. Just replace one weekly water rinse with a chemical rinse.
  • Give your spa a good check and get down right personal, check all jets to ensure that none are clogged or frozen as this means you need to troubleshoot your spa.

Overall Maintenance

About every three months you need to drain the spa & thoroughly clean it then refill your spa. Draining and filling your tub will help clear the plumbing lines and rid it of buildup. Fresh water gives you the opportunity to start from scratch sanitizing and balancing your water. This process can take a couple of hours and is worth the effort for a safe, healthy spa experience. And did I mention that it extends the life of your spa, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Once a year you should replace your spa filter and have your spa checked out by a service professional. An annual preventive maintenance check-up is just one more way to keep your hot tub working right and lasting longer.


Preventive hot tub maintenance is a real bargain compared to the potential expense associated with repairs and equipment replacement. Following a simple schedule like the one described above can ensure that you never forget an important spa maintenance steps, leaving you more time for what matters most: enjoying your American Spa.


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