A Spa is Better than a Couch

Enjoy this NFL Season in your American Spa

Kicking off the new NFL Season, with a screening of NFL PreSeason from a new American Spas tub! What is more American than watching your favorite teams throw around the old football from the comfort of an American made Spa? Get some fresh air! Pull your TV outside and watch the game while soaking in your hot tub and give your backside some much-needed change. This week we will talk about the benefits or watching the game from a spa or throwing a hot tub party and potentially creating a whole new upgraded game zone.


Design a new Entertainment Zone

Small living room? By adding an American Spa to your backyard, you’re essentially creating another outdoor space that people will love to hang out in. Designing a new outdoor Entertainment center with a spa that has many benefits. Consider the Cal Flame ODC-1 Paradise  in our featured image. This must-have entertainment center is designed to give you the best outdoor viewing experience ever. With an opening of 54 in. wide by 27 in tall, this center will accommodate most 50 inch wall mounted flat screen televisions and comes HDMI ready! This coupled with an American spa will separate your events from all other NFL season parties. Your friends and loved ones will be begging to gather around to watch their favorite teams play for the super bowl.


Increase Blood Flow and circulation

When you sit in a Spa, the hot water helps increase blood flow and circulation. When was the last time your couch did that? This Football season improve physical well being in many ways all from your spa. If you’re an athlete, soaking in a hot tub can help relax your muscles and improve your flexibility. The hot water relieves the forces of gravity. American Spas provides Ergonomic seats and lounging spaces for exceptional comfort & Powerful pumps and a variety of massaging jets that effectively target specific muscle groups. Not to mention a reliable HydroSilk water care system for an overall soothing spa experience and stress-free maintenance. Visit out website to learn more. Sitting down to enjoy the game has never been healthier.


Have an extraordinary Life

When was the last time someone invited you over to come and check out their couch? They didn’t. Couches are boring. Spas are not for example our AM730BM has One Exclusive 240V 5.0 BHP jet pump provides two-pump performance with a single-pump’s energy costs, Twin Turbo Wet End with Viton Pump Seal. Spa ownership comes with many social benefits, starting with family. Your spa is the perfect place to connect, one-on-one, with the people who matter most to you. Of course, having your own personal hot tub is a great reason to invite friends over. Grab some snacks and drinks and catch up on laughs. Your spa stands ready year-round for gatherings. You definitely can’t say that about an outdoor swimming pool!


There you have it some strong reason a spa is better than a couch. A spa is a great investment if not for game day for health and family time. Your hot tub party will give your neighbors the chance to enjoy a spa and will make your place the best hangout spot in the whole neighborhood. Be the talk of the season this year with your new American Spa and decked out Outdoor entertainment center. To learn more about our products Contact us or go to our Online Superstore!

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