American Spas Expands your outdoor Space

To most of us, our outdoor living space is just as valuable as indoor space. Whether it’s grilling a meal out on the deck, enjoying a family get-together on the patio, maximizing our outdoor living spaces can increase our sense of joy and well-being. Here are some ideas on how to expand your outdoor living space and keep it warm in the process.

Add a Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen

Lavish your living space with the addition of an outdoor kitchen from Cal Flame that will be the center of your grilling activities. Enhance your grill area with a small refrigerator and cabinets for storage, as well as durable countertops for food prep activities and to serve your meals.

Cal Flame Bistro 404

Add Metro Surrounds Functional Furnishings

Outdoor spaces become more functional when you furnish them like you would an indoor living space. Consider weather-proof sectional sofas and add cushions to metro bench to accommodate a half-dozen or more guests. Surround your hot tub with these multifunctional surrounds and even add bar seating or a dining space by the spa.

Make Use of the Entire Yard

Complement your outdoor living environment with the rest of the yard by beautifying the area with landscaping and setting apart a “play” section with favorites like lawn darts, croquet, and  badminton. Install a walkway with stepping stones, set off by gravel or grass, to lead people to a garden, gazebo, or pergola with additional outdoor seating. Perhaps even include a hammock in a serene, secluded spot for those who would like a peaceful, uninterrupted snooze.

Use Outdoor Lighting

Select from a variety of innovative lighting options to make your outdoor space useable during nighttime hours. Many people use stringed lights or lanterns, but if it’s within your budget, consider installing outdoor pendant lighting fixtures. These fixtures add a real touch of elegance to your outdoor living areas.

Add Warmth

Add warmth to an outdoor space with a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or decorative patio heaters. Another option is the use of radiant heated floors for decks and patios. A soothing American Spa is an instant way to warm yourself up on a chilly night and beckon you and your family to the great outdoors.

Cal Flame FPTH401M1

These improvements will allow you to expand your enjoyment of outdoor living. Make the most of your exterior living spaces, and you’ll love your home both inside and out.

Consider these ideas for integrating your American Spa into the Perfect Backyard Expansion. Visit our online store for buying options. Buy an American Spa today and have it shipped to you in 1-2 weeks for FREE!

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