A is for Affordable American Spas

We are committed to Affordable Luxury. These aren’t just words or an ad slogan to us, they are a commitment. Because we know how much a hot tub can improve your life.  But, if they aren’t affordable, it kind of defeats the purpose, right?

We Build for Quality in the United States

We don’t compromise when it comes to building quality into American Spas. Our quality remains the same whether you purchase a Luxury Series hot tub or a 110v Plug-N-Play! We do not use inferior materials to ‘save a buck’ in the costs of our hot tubs. While features and options may vary by hot tub model, our quality does not. This means you can be assured that ANY American Spa you purchase is built to last. American Spas has been certified by TradeCertified.com for the last eight years. Every business is going to tell you they have the best products, service and hundreds of happy customers. But rarely could these claims be substantiated, until now. Buying from a TradeCertified™ company means you have selected an elite local business, based on independent, audited criteria related to sales, service, operations and customer satisfaction.

We Offer Price Points

Our Luxury Spas will be the most expensive models in our line, but even then, they are usually priced comparably to other manufacturers medium to low-end models! The Modern Line and Classic’s hot tubs are more in the mid-range of our line and the Plug -N- Play Series are value-priced to be most affordable.  As you can see, we go to great lengths and expend a lot of effort to maintain high quality yet keep our hot tubs affordable for you.

So, our question to you is….what are you waiting for?

There’s an American Spa that is perfect for you! Contact us today and let’s get you into relaxation today!

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