American Spa Advantage

The Advantages of owning a personal Hot Tub.

Whether you were on a vacation, attending a pool party, or at a health club, chances are you’ve been in a hot tub before. You probably got out feeling relaxed and happy, thinking that you really ought to try this more often. But have you ever thought about owning a personal hot tub?

Owning an American Spa can help with everything from lower-back pain to anxiety and stress levels. Here are the top American Spa Advantages to be aware of…

Pain Relief

Whether you spend your days sitting behind a desk or doing physical labor, it’s almost impossible to come home without feeling some sort of ache or pain from a long day. Research shows that not only can hot tubs help alleviate the pain of sore muscles, but they can also help your body recover from injuries and strains. This is done by increasing your circulation, reducing inflammation, and completely relaxing the afflicted muscles and joints.

This means that whether you’re recovering from a work day or a work out, your body will be able to heal quicker, allowing you to more fully enjoy your daily life.

Stress Relief

A large problem of stress is your physical response to it. Your muscles tense up, your blood vessels constrict, and your head starts to pound.

However, when you spend time in a hot tub, these physical symptoms are reduced and reversed. This sends the message to your brain that all is well and your mind is more willing to let go of its worries and fears.

Improved Relationships

We all have important relationships in our lives, from family to friends to neighbors. When you own a personal hot tub, it’s easy to spend quality time with the people of your choosing, right at home.

Removed Distractions

Have you ever eaten dinner with someone you care about and watched them text through the entire meal? Unless they have an underwater phone, that’s not going to be an issue in a hot tub.

Whether you’re with your spouse, your family, or a group of friends, hot tubs provide an enjoyable experience while eliminating the distractions that tear relationships apart.

Improved Mood

Taking time to relax can significantly improve your mood. With your own hot tub, it’s easy to take the time that you need to unwind so you can give your best to all of the important people in your life.

If you are struggling with stress, feeling distracted or simply want to improve your relationships and minimize your pain come feel the American Spa Advantage, Buy your Spa today!

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