World-Class Hydrotherapy

American Spas hot tubs feature several jet configurations to provide a world-class hydrotherapy experience for you and your family. In many of our models, you can target different stress areas of your body by simply moving from seat to seat. Each spa jet delivers a steady stream of water and is designed to address a specific muscle group for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. American Spas offers the following hot tub jets:

Back, Neck and Shoulder Jets – deliver invigorating massages to sore back, neck and shoulder muscles.

Dedicated Lounger Seat Jets – strategically placed massage therapy jets that deliver a relaxing massage from head to toe.

Calf Jets – dedicated jets designed to treat tired and sore calf muscles

Bring an American Spas hot tub into your home today and experience world-class hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home.

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