Winter tips to get the most out of your Spa

Winter Fun with your Spa


Winter is approaching once again, which leads us to winter stress. Winter stress is a unique product of reduced sunlight and our bodies’ natural inclination to slow down and conserve energy in colder temperatures all while society continues to buzz at its normal pace. Strains on our health also tend to increase in colder weather. Fortunately, your home spa can help reduce your winter-themed stress. Here are some tips to keeping your spa and yourself healthy through out the winter with the help of your American Spa.


First thing is first, winter can be the spas busiest season, for others it’s a period of less use. Whichever the case, spas require the same simple care over the winter months as the rest of the year, with just a few seasonal nuances to navigate the cold and/or freezing conditions.


  1. Frequently check on your spa to make sure it’s running and the water level is not too low.
  2. Always clear your cover of ice and snow before opening.
  3. Remember to maintain chemical levels while the spa is not in use during the winter.
  4. If the spa isn’t functioning properly, DO NOT DRAIN THE SPA. Call a Local hot tub service man immediately.


It’s important to respect our needs and the limitations of the season, while also remaining connected to our progress at home and in the world. Your spa is the perfect tool to help you find that balance.


Eat Well

In winter, we tend toward comfort foods that fill us up and make us feel like hibernating. You’ll do a better job of staying fit and healthy by avoiding sugary and starchy foods. Instead, opt for vegetables, grains and other complex carbohydrates. Even at holiday gatherings, there are usually healthy options available. A good diet should be a lifestyle, not a recovery plan. A few other ideas: Natural Vitamin C. In-season produce can help you get plenty of Vitamin C during the winter months. Stock up on clementine’s, grapefruit, kiwi and sweet potatoes. Don’t forget the Vitamin D. With less exposure to the sun, it’s important to get vitamin D during the winter months. Concentrate on a diet with fish, soy, mushrooms and other foods high in vitamin D. You may also want to consider taking a vitamin supplement.


Develop a Consistent Spa Routine

Having regular routines in place can give you a foundation for success, and your spa can help. During the colder, darker winter months, it can be more difficult to wake up and get out of bed each morning. If you can look forward to a warm 20-minute spa soak each morning, the lethargy that can hold you back at the start of the day can turn into motivation. 


Liven Up Your Home

In addition to brightening your house with lighting, make sure your living space is clean and fresh. It’ll do wonders for your state of mind. A few ideas: Occasionally open the windows and fill your house with fresh, crisp air. Keep your bedding fresh. Clean any area that could harbor mold by wiping up condensation or any other moisture. Keep bathrooms clean to avoid mold that will grow when exposed to steam from showers and baths. Add flowers for a hint of bright color. Even artificial flowers can help lighten up a room. Play music that helps you feel energized.


Relieve Tension

Stiffness and muscle tension can be a result of our winter stress or it can be part of the cause of our winter stress. Regardless of the roots, your physical aches and pains may be temporarily relieved by regular hydrotherapy in the hot tub. For a lot of us, winter is a time of greater inactivity. The shorter days and colder temperatures discourage us from spending time outdoors, and our bodies generally experience greater stiffness in the cold. The warm massaging action of your hot tub’s jets stimulates those stiff muscles and joints while you relax and take it easy. You’ll probably feel more energized after your soak as some of that tension melts away and your body feels warmed up and ready for activity.


Stay Active

Good self-care often helps you find motivation. After you take a brisk walk, visit the gym, or perform any other physical activity, your spa can once again help you relax. It can also massage your muscles after they’ve been working hard. A dedicated routine of supporting exercise with your spa can help you sustain your fitness goals over the long winter months and give you a reason to look forward to working out.


Overall stress is not unique to winter alone, however the dark and cold can make it particularly hard during the winter months to stay motivated and chipper. What ever your circumstances, your spas invites your to step into comfort and well being. Use these tips to enjoy your winter months, and you’ll feel energetic and ready to launch into spring when it arrives.

Stay connected with American spas and let us know what do you do to keep the winter months interesting and fun? Is it business as usual or do you add events and spa activities to your life to keep you moving and inspired during the winter?

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