What Temperature Should You Keep Your Hot Tub?

Spa temperature largely comes down to your comfort and preference, but there are some key considerations like health, season, and energy efficiency that can help you decide on the perfect temperature for your hot tub.

Maximum Temperature

All spas are designed to have a 104°F limit. Very few people choose to set their spa temperature this high. The recommended temperature set by the Consumer Product Safety Administration is 100°F. Comfort and personal preferences vary among individual hot tub owners, but the majority of users set their spa temperature between 100°F and 102°F.

Cold Temperatures

Typically users set their spa temperatures one or two degrees higher than their usual preference during winter months. When the hot tub cover is off, water will cool faster in colder weather, so the warmer temperature can offset this effect.

If you will not be using your spa for extended periods of time during the coldest months and you have not winterized your spa, then the lowest you should set your hot tub temperature is 80°F in order to prevent it from freezing over.

Warm Temperatures

When there is warm weather you can use your hot tub to cool down. Set the temperature of your spa to 95°F, which is lower than your body temperature and will feel refreshing on a hot summer day! If you are looking for an especially refreshing soak, drop the temperature of your spa to 85°F to transform it into a cool plunge tub.

Hot Tub Yoga and Stretching Temperature

If you are using your hot tub for yoga or stretching, set the temperature around 96°F. The heat that your body produces from the movements will compensate for the slightly lower temperature and will leave you feeling energized and renewed. Click here for a hot tub yoga routine to try in your own American Spas hot tub.

Temperature for Children

Safety for children in hot tubs is very important because their smaller bodies are more sensitive to heat. Children should never fully submerge themselves in the water and should only get in if they are tall enough to stand with their heads clearing the water and feet on the floor. If children will be using the hot tub, the temperature should be 98°F or lower and they should not soak for periods longer than ten minutes. During the breaks between soaks, make sure that they are drinking enough water to cool down and rehydrate.

Other Health Concerns

If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart conditions, circulatory problems, or are taking medications, consult with your physician to find out if you can safely use a hot tub.

Consistent Temperature

A common misconception about hot tubs is that you can save energy by lowering your spa temperature between uses. Raising the temperature before use saves very little to no energy at all. In fact, American Spas hot tubs are designed to maintain a constant temperature. Doing so will prevent stress on the heater and circuit board and ensure that the spa is a perfect temperature when you are ready to use it.

Only lower the temperature if you are not going to use your hot tub for an extended period of time.

Whatever the season may be, American Spas will be sure to provide a wonderful place to unwind and have a good time!

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