What is Hot tub Therapy?

Hot tub therapy
is a tried-and-true method of relieving stress, relaxing muscles, and
experiencing renewal through warm water immersion. It is an ancient practice.
People have been enjoying warm water immersion for centuries. Ancient
Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, for example, built palaces around natural hot
springs. The
mission in this post is to recognize what stress is, then breakdown the essence
of hydrotherapy.

Stress Relief

Today, stress is
defined as a feeling of tension as a result of outside circumstances.

Stress can be
caused by a number of outside forces and life circumstances. Common
situational stressors include the death of a loved one, loss of a job, a
divorce, an injury, or a big move. Chronic stress can commonly be a result of
workplace issues, anxiety-related conditions, or even just pessimistic

Not only will you
feel more like yourself when you address your stress, but you may also see
significant improvements in your overall wellness. Regular stress relief can
help you feel more vibrant and energetic. Being relaxed can also improve heart
health and high blood pressure. Stress relief has also been shown to boost the
body’s immune system and lower the risk for getting a cold.

A spa offers a
reprieve from the stressful conditions of life. In your hot tub, you don’t have
to worry about calls, appointments, or deadlines; there’s nothing heavy to lift
or wrestle with; and the only thing on your mind is how good the warm water and
massaging jets feel. The pleasant sensation contributes to the release of
endorphins in your brain, lifting your mood.


Massage has
proven physical and mental benefits. According to the University of
Minnesota, massage provokes a relaxation response in the body’s nervous system.
Massage also has positive effects on the body’s soft tissue and improves blood
and lymph circulation, which allows oxygen to spread more easily through the
body. Relaxing muscle tissue through jet massage can help ease contractions,
spasms, and nerve compression. Water pressure on the body’s muscles and joints
knead away knots and soothing sore spots.

Heat can be a
powerful tool when combined with water therapy to help the body recover from a
stressful situation or manage a chronic stressor. Heat can help the body’s
muscles feel more relaxed or reset the body’s hormone levels.

When it comes to
water and massage, an Italian study in the journal Minerva
Cardioangiologica found hydromassage to be effective treatment for venous
deficiencies due to the water’s hydrostatic pressure, thermal, and chemical
properties. Jets in higher quality hot tubs are often positioned to reach the
same pressure points typically used in reflexology and acupressure, mimicking
the pulsation action and deep-kneading techniques used by trained masseuses to
achieve stress and tension relief.

There’s a reason
people have enjoyed hot springs for centuries and why modern hot tubs are
popular across the world today. Soaking in warm water, massaged by soothing
jets, feels wonderful, revitalizes the body, and brings people together in
comfort. Regular sessions of hydrotherapy, either with a professional or in
your own home, can help you conquer the daily stresses of being a responsible
adult. Being free of major stress can help you be the best version of yourself
and reach that next level of happiness.

We believe in the healing power of spas. Warm water, buoyancy, and
massaging jets soothe the soul, ease the body, and ignite the spirit. We design
American Spas to provide inviting, relaxing, and overall beneficial experiences
for their owners. 

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