Tips to Buying a Family Spa

We all know that a Portable hot tub is good for the individual, but did you know that it is just as beneficial for the family? Whether it’s a fun place to play with the little ones or an excuse to get your teenagers away from their phones for a minute, hot tubs offer quality time in a peaceful environment for every type of family. Different families are going to want different things out of their hot tubs, but there are a few things that apply to everyone.

An American Spa is a great way to bubble up conversations

In this day and age, it’s common to gather everyone around the TV to watch a movie or a show in the evenings for some much needed family time. Switch it up with your American spa and take advantage of family time with some muscle hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is beneficial for your whole family specially if your children have activities or sports that they participate in, it can help them heal and give them more vitality each day. When everyone is relaxed and removed from the whirlwind of distractions that keep our minds buzzing and our eyes from meeting, they will start to talk to one another. They will have an opportunity to connect to something besides the Wi-Fi network.

Family Features to Consider

One of the most important things to consider when buying a spa for your family is seating. It’s hard to spend quality time with your family of seven in a four-seat hot tub. It’s important to have enough room for everyone, as well as various depths of seats for family members of differing heights. American spas come equipped with a cool off seat that toddlers can safety and comfortably use to enjoy their hot tub time. It also doesn’t hurt to have various jet configurations so everyone in the family can get the kind of massage that they like best in the seat where they most enjoy sitting.

Enjoyable Features

Everyone loves things like color-changing lights, cool water jets, and control panels that give you power over every aspect of your spa, but no one loves these things more than children. To them, the buttons on the control panel will seem like magic, and the jets below the water can be anything from conquerable monsters to unexplored wonders. American Spas adds to that a sound system and an app that will allow you to control your hot tub without moving from your favorite seat, creating a sense of wonder that anyone in the family can appreciate.

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