Now Is The Time For An American Spa

Thinking about purchasing a spa? The timing could not be better. This weekend marks daylight savings time and spring is right around the corner.


American Spas is a perfect choice for spa season. No matter your preference, American Spas has a model for you.


We offer two five-foot models which provide bench seating for four. These models offer a high-performance switchless pump, rotomold and plug & play technology as well as our exclusive Fireworx™ multi-color LED spa light. Choose from either 10 or 20 jets, depending on your hydrotherapy needs.


Next we offer four seven-models with seating for six. You have the choice between 30,50,70 or even 90 jets. The 90 jet model offers bench seating while the other three models offer our contoured lounge seating. Other standard equipment includes our exclusive Hydro-Pure™ filter with Weir gate, our cascade waterfall and Fireworx™ spa lighting. When you choose a 50 jet model or greater, you will also receive our unique Hercules™ cabinets.


Lastly, we offer our economical 3 person, five-foot lounger which offers 36 jets. This model also comes with all of the standard features you have come to expect from American Spas, but also offers our Resilient Freedom™ cabinet panels.


So if you are looking for the perfect spa this season, check out our product offerings at American Spas.

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