4 Ways a Hot Tub Can Help You Fight the Common Cold

Benefits to a Hot Tub can easily be overlooked because some people see it as a money pit, high-maintenance, luxury item. However, it is a fact that hydrotherapy truly works. Hot Tubs are a very effective method of treating poor circulation, arthritis, rheumatism, sore muscles, and even helps relieve the common cold. Here are four main reasons an American Spas Hot Tub will help you fight the common cold:

Rise in body temperature helps kill off the viruses –When you have a fever, your body is defending itself from viruses. Soaking in an American Spas Hot Tub will increase your body’s temperature and boost your immune system. Once you get out of the water, your body temperature will fall and it will relax you more to allow you to sleep easier.

Allows you to sleep better –Sleeping allows your body to heal itself. When you are feeling achy and congested, it can be hard to relax. Soaking in an American Spas Hot Tub naturally releases tension in the muscles and allows the body to decompress. Ultimately leaving you relaxed enough to fall asleep. 

Relieve achy muscles –When you are experiencing a cold and do not feel well,  the moment you step in a hot tub with the perfect temperature of water you instantly feel relaxed and comfortable. Immerse yourself in blanket of jets and escape from the sickness you are feeling. Your body will do better fighting off viruses when you are less stressed.  

Clears Congestion –the steam from the hot tub and natural air will clear up any mucus that is developing in your throat. It is best not to go from extreme heat to extreme cold because it may aggravate systems even more. However, a nice hydrotherapy sessions will help your recovery process.

  • General Tips 
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Take time to heal
  • Do not stress
  • Get plenty of rest

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