Ergonomically Designed for Your Comfort

Sitting in an American Spas hot tub is like nothing you have ever experienced before. American Spas combines the latest technology and innovation in its entire hot tub lineup. Each hot tub is ergonomically designed to hug the natural contours of your body and rehabilitate key stress areas, such as your neck, back and feet, making our hot tubs the most comfortable in the industry!

We are the only hot tub company in the industry that offers thousands of seating arrangements, allowing you to customize your hot tub to fit your needs.

When accommodating a group is a top priority, there is no substitute for American Spas bench seating. Guests will receive the greatest range of movement and side-by-side seating, making it easy to get closer for more private encounters. We have devoted special care to ensure that the footwell is large enough to accommodate the entire group.

Kool Seat
Allow your body to acclimate to new temperatures – getting in or out of your hot tub – with this elegantly designed transition seat, which is elevated in order to keep you half-immersed.

Our seats are designed to conform to your body’s natural lines and contoured to support your curves with rounded backs, molded armrests and bucket seat-bottoms.

This dedicated spa seat represents the very best in pure relaxation and features jets that target the upper and lower body for unmatched hydrotherapy. Our ergonomic design ensures that bathers won’t float out of the seat. Ideal for private soaks, our lounger seat is a wonderful reward after a long, stressful day.

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