How to Enjoy Your American Spa!

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You’ve just purchased your new hot tub or spa and are looking forward to spending time having a relaxing soak with friends. The health benefits of hot tubs are well known, from helping with chronic pain relief to type two diabetes. Get ready to be more popular and have friends lining up to come over for a dip in your spa.

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    Find the right temperature: While most hot tubs go between 80-102 degrees, it’s the 100-102 range that seems to be universally popular. The right temperature can unlock all the full relaxation and beneficial properties of the spa. 104 is the standard temperature for commercial hot tubs and spas and generally this is the maximum water temperature setting for residential hot tub heaters.

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    . De-stress: From reducing stress, headaches and blood pressure to improving blood flow, a soak in your hot tub can work wonders. If you feel stressed out or have joint point, turn to your hot tub. The spa relaxes muscles while releasing endorphins providing a natural feel good sensation.

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    Experiment with Scents and Bubble Baths: Turn your hot tub into a true spa experience with the addition of favorite fragrances and bubble bath products, though make sure the products used are designed for hot tub use). Scents can be very powerful in invoking the right mood, from relaxation to romance.

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    Have a Hot Tub Party: Good music, good friends, a glass of wine or beer? The ingredients to a perfect evening, right in your own garden.

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    Sleep Better, Be More Productive: Hydrotherapy in hot tubs helps to relax the body, lower internal body temperature and sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep can leave you feeling more energetic and productive. For best results, have a soak two hours before going to bed.

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    Spend Quality Time with Family: Rather than spending evenings in front of the television, getting the family together in the hot tub is a great way to spend quality time together and bond. The feeling of well-being experienced in hot tubs is sure to ensure a fun time with conversation flowing.

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    An Aquatic Movie Theatre: Imagine watching your favorite DVD while relaxing in your hot tub being massaged by the water? Bring a portable DVD player by your hot tub and host an aquatic movie night under the stars.

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    Balance your hot tub water well to make sure that you can enjoy your experience. A lack of sanitizer can be dangerous and too much sanitizer will dry out your skin. If the pH is not correct the water may smell or be uncomfortable to the skin and eyes. Chlorine or bromine should be 2-10ppm, pH should be 7.2 – 7.8 and alkalinity should

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