Engineered For Excellence

American Spas™ are manufactured using the latest spa technology. All American Spas™ are packed with groundbreaking features and engineered to last for years of enjoyment.

American Spas™ are engineered using the latest Green technology to ensure the best performance, sanitation and safety in the industry.

There are three key components to a true Green spa:

E: American Spas™ use green technology to run efficiently and use less energy!
I: American Spas™ are insulated to keep hot water in and cold weather out to reduce power needs!
S: American Spas™ are engineered to reduce chemical usage and keep water crystal clean at all times!

Certified to Exceed All Industry Standards
When you buy an American Spa™, you also buy peace of mind knowing that your hot tub has undergone rigorous safety and quality testing to ensure years of enjoyment for you and your family.

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