Buying a Hot Tub


Hot Tubs are a great relaxation destination and much more. A hot tub can relieve stress, offer you a better night’s sleep, rejuvenate sore muscles, and a great place to get the family or friends together. Hot Tubs are also a natural remedy for people who suffer from Arthritis pain, the hot water soak can relieve pain.

Owning a hot tub will perhaps be one of the best investments in your family and lifestyle that you make. Choosing the right hot tub is not as easy as it is to relax in one. “Where you buy your hot tub is just as important as what hot tub you buy.” There are great hot tubs and lousy dealerships, and there are awful hot tubs and good dealers. How to find the great dealer and a great hot tub?

1. How long have they been in business?

2. How many brands of hot tubs do they carry, and for how long?

3. Do they service what they sell and not subcontract it out?

4. Do they deliver to where you want it placed?

5. What accreditations do they have? BBB, National Spa and Pool Institute NSPI, Manufacture accreditations. Chemical school accreditations.

American Spas can help you choose the perfect hot tub for you!

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