Aromatherapy in American Spas

There’s more than one sense you can activate to immerse yourself even deeper into the tranquil escape of American Spa : your sense of smell. By incorporating the benefits of aromatherapy soothing scents with possible therapeutic effects into your daily soak, you can add another sensory dimension to your hot tub experience. Be mindful with your relaxation you don’t want to trade the stress relief that comes from a relaxing and aromatic soak in a hot tub for the stress that comes from having your spa components damaged by improperly-used essential oils. Using aromatherapy in your hot tub requires certain preparations but if you use the correct products, it’s even easier than you might think.

You cannot use Essential Oils in a Hot Tub

American Spas aren’t designed to circulate and filter thick substances like oils. Before you drop scented essential oils into the water, consider the possible risks to your spa and to your wallet, after you find yourself paying for hot tub repairs and replacement parts.

Considerations for How to Use Aromatherapy in Your Hot Tub

  • Today’s best spa aromatherapy keep your water safe and offer that aroma without damaging spa parts. However, adding oils or other substances that filters aren’t designed to remove will lead to buildup and other problems over time. A good rule of thumb: If a product isn’t specifically designated for use in a hot tub, don’t add it to your water.
  • Apart from the risks they present to your hot tub components, not all essential oils are safe for direct contact with your skin. Homemade hot tub aromatherapy is never a wise choice. It’s a good idea to choose an aromatherapy method that’s free from potential negative side effects.
  • Follow the guidelines for maintenance of your hot tub water system to keep your water clean and clear—both for the resilience and long life of your tub and to avoid cleaning and changing the water more often than necessary.

Crystal clear, periodically circulating water is a vital component of your peaceful home spa dream. Essential oils and homemade hot tub aromatherapy don’t play nicely with that dream. The good news is that there’s a simple way to integrate aromatherapy into your hot tub usage without the risk of costly or damaging side effects.

There are many new aromatherapy products available that are Portable spa safe. Look forward to an invigorating soak with the Detox RX Therapy, or a relaxing getaway with RX Stress therapy crystals. Or maybe you want to refresh your mind with Eucalyptus Mint, or take a deep meditative breath with Lavender Palmarosa. Unlike essential oils or other homemade forms of hot tub aromatherapy, these ambient scent blends were designed with both your relaxing experience and your American Spa’s superior performance in mind. Following the instructions on the bottle, add a capful or less of the granule to your spa’s filter compartment before each use to refresh your water without adding chlorine, then unwind in the soothing, fragrant waters of your hot tub, confident your aromatherapy won’t cause any unwanted side effects for you or your home spa.

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