American Spas your Garden Centerpiece

Homeowners take pride in their homes, and one of the ways they show it is in creating beautiful gardens in their backyards. Perennials, seasonal plants, and all manner of flowers are used to turn otherwise plain lawns into riots of colors and lush greenery to be admired. Those blessed with green thumbs also plant vegetable gardens that provide a gorgeous and edible landscape.

Well-tended gardens of all types can offer wonderful experiential returns on your hard work. Smelling the blooms and enjoying the dappled light that filters through the leaves of the trees you planted can provide a sense of peace and satisfaction from a job well done, whether you enjoy your garden from a patio, deck, and specially an American Spa. There’s nothing like a good soak to help your body’s serotonin and endorphin production. Getting those feel-good chemicals kickstarted at the beginning of your day is certainly a good thing! Specially when you are surrounded by your magical relaxing garden, starting your day with hydrotherapy and relaxation is the best.  Add to that the fact that heading out to the tub in the brisk morning air will help you shrug off that last bit of grogginess from your slumber, as well as the benefits of buoyancy and heat ridding your limbs from any stiffness? You’ll naturally set yourself up for a great day.

Choosing the best American Spa for your type of garden is easier than you might think.

Many homeowners take an eclectic, rustic approach to backyard landscaping, combining common, regional plants with deliberately-introduced trees, shrubs, and flowers that they switch out from season to season or year to year. Creative gardeners often plant ornamental flowers right next to vegetables, and edge beds and walkways with recycled materials, such as pallet wood or railroad ties.

Our hot tub designers focus greatly on how spa cabinets complement gorgeous landscapes, including rustic, informal gardens. The dark Espresso cabinet matches darker woods, including reclaimed railroad ties; the lighter Teak cabinet matches pallet wood or cut lumber used to build garden pergolas and gazebos; and the Coastal Gray cabinet matches the silvery tones of wood fences and decks faded by sunlight over time. American Spas highly-durable panels mimic the look of natural wood but resist moisture and decay and are standard on all of our spas which are offered in three colors to compliment any backyard oasis.

Whatever type of backyard garden you’ve cultivated, imagine admiring it from a beautiful American Spa. To find the latest hot tub model that matches your vision and budget, browse our spas in our online Spa Showroom.

What is stoping you from Getting your own portable spa today. Contact us with your questions we will help you buy a spa today!

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