American Spas™, Spa Surrounds Metro™

American Spas™, Spa Surrounds Metro™conveniently features independent, movable components, which can be used to create hundreds of different hot tub décor options, making your American Spas™ hot tub the ultimate entertainment destination for family and friends. Create the backyard spa retreat of your dreams with Spa Surrounds Metro™ today!

All Spa Surround Metro™ components are available as individual pieces.

You will instantly add a touch of class to any American Spas™ hot tub with Spa Surrounds Metro™ which features a design that makes assembly simple and quick. Combine a sleek metal base with a top to match any American Spas™ cabinets. Our Metro™ Surrounds conveniently feature independent movable components, which can be used to create a multitude of different décor options regardless of the shape of your spa.  

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