American Spas™ Common FAQ’s

Here at American Spas in Pomona California we focus on where we can help our consumers most. Today we are addressing questions we have recently and frequently received from people contemplating upgrading their lifestyle.

American Spas™ is a Portable Hot Tub?

Yes American Spas™ are Portable hot tubs also known as above ground hot tub. These Hot tubs or spas differ from conventional bath tubs and even more full featured jetted baths in that they maintain hot water at a constant and ready-to-relax temperature. This makes them convenient to use at any time without time spent in preparing the water. Because they are most often larger than bath tubs, hot tubs are also used more often as places to gather socially.

Do you have American Spas Show Rooms?

Fortunately we are an online exclusive spa line this keeps our line up cost effective. American Spas Online ,

Where will my spa be delivered?

Our spas all come with curbside Delivery. Meaning the spa will be dropped off at the end of your driveway.

How will my spa be delivered?

Spas are delivered on their side on a pallet and are wrapped in protective plastic. Be sure to coordinate trash and debris removal as there will be a leftover wooden pallet and lots of wrapping materials.

How do I move my spa in?

Contact your local Spa mover and for a 240v Spa Certified Electrician. Coordinate and schedule with the contractors to coincide service on your delivery date.

Is it difficult to maintain a clean spa?
American Spas™ hot tubs come with a state-of-the-art filtration system that makes having clean water for your soaks a painless task. Follow the simple maintenance steps included in your owner’s manual to properly test the chemical levels in your spa. These tests are quick and easy and will ensure continued enjoyment of your American Spas™ hot tub for years to come. For additional Resources our Blog Post on Maintenance.

Does a spa need to be drained and refilled for each use?
No. Drainage and refilling are typically done every three to four months depending on the number of soakers, frequency of use and proper water treatment.

Is it better to place the spa inside or outside?
Indoor spa installations typically cost more, which is one of the reasons why most hot tubs are placed outside. Structural considerations include making sure your indoor property can accommodate the weight of the hot tub and provide humidity ventilation. Additionally, check with your area’s building department for any indoor spa building codes. American Spas™ offers an alternative to building your spa inside by enabling you to build your spa outside within a spa enclosure or beneath a villa or gazebo.

Is any plumbing required for my American Spas™ hot tub?
All above-ground American Spas™ hot tub comes pre-plumbed. Just add water.

What are the electrical requirements for a spa?
If you own a 240V spa, it must be hardwired to the power supply by an electrical contractor and approved by a local building/electrical inspector. The “Plug and Play” Spas are simple to hook-up, your house is already equipped with 110V electrical, just plug in and your spa is ready to go!

Are all equipment packs internal?
All above-ground spas discreetly hide the equipment pack from view within the spa cabinetry.

What happens if I forget to turn off my spa after using it?
American Spas™ hot tubs have sophisticated equipment packs that have auto-shut off timers. Your spa will turn itself off after 15 minutes.

Are there any concerns with having children or older people in the hot tub?
Children should never be allowed in the hot tub without adult supervision. Additionally, children under 10 years should not be allowed in water temperature above 98°F. Older spa soakers should also keep temperatures below 100.

What are the benefits of owning a spa?
In addition to possibly increasing property value without increasing property taxes, owning an American Spas™ hot tub has many health and lifestyle benefits, such as increased blood circulation, pain relief and more restful sleep.

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