5 Reasons an American Spa is the gift that keeps on Giving

While they might not fit too easily underneath a Christmas tree, American Spas can make the perfect holiday gift. What other present provides its recipients with such relaxation and wellness benefits — and from the privacy of your own home every day of the year? Just in time for the holidays, the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) has released a list of the top five reasons to buy a hot tub for that special person on your gift list. We have it for you here, leave it to the pros to know the best reasons why.

1. Hot tubs are affordable. Portable hot tubs are more affordable than ever before, due to efficient manufacturing practices and competing brands. American spas offers the most luxurious options at the best price points year round. With Free Shipping and Hydro-covers included they are among the best attainable spas for everyone.

2. Hot tubs fit anywhere. The portable hot tub industry has adapted to consumers lifestyles. Hot tubs come in all different shapes and sizes, from two-person hot tubs to 10-person models. Hot tubs can be installed indoors or outdoors, in as little area as 64 square feet or less. Another emerging trend in hot tubs is swim spas, designed for those wanting the convenience of swimming, training or just relaxing. “Someone that is in the market for a portable hot tub/spa would be amazed that for a few thousand dollars more, they gain all the features of a lap pool and a therapy unit on top of all the spa features they were looking for,” said Jon Wilson, vice president, operations and new product development at Rio Swim/Spas. “Everyday folks to Olympic medalists are enjoying these models.”

3. You can use a hot tub year round no matter where you live. Hot tubs can be used year-round in any climate. Many owners use their hot tubs more in the winter, when bubbly heat remarkably offsets falling snow. But for those who don’t want their hot tub delivered until spring, Ken Janowicz, sales manager for Kasper’s Aqua Clear in Easton, Pa., recommends acting now. “You can leave a deposit securing the wintertime sale and be the first in line for delivery in the spring time,” he said. “It’s like beating rush hour and getting a great deal at the same time.”

4. Hot tubs are easy to maintain and are energy efficient. Newer technology has allowed the hot tub owner to keep water clean and clear with a couple of minutes of weekly maintenance. Now models are being produced that will meet new APSP energy efficiency standards and to meet consumers’ demands for greener products.

5. Hot tubs provide “vacations/therapy” 365 days of the year. Hot tubs provide the ideal venue to connect with family and friends. And they provide a multitude of health benefits ranging from stress reduction to muscle recovery. Having a place to relax, connect and heal after a long day can really be the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.”

There you have it, If you haven’t joined the American spas family yet, look forward to our Super Holiday Deals this season. We are making spas even more affordable and luxurious than ever before. check in our online store to see the latest pricing and Follow US on Social Media to learn about upcoming offers and deals.

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